Jan 222011

Running a rapid on the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon October 2010

Two and a half months ago Caroline and I finished an 18-day rafting trip down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. Truth is ,we never really stopped that trip and a part of us is there every day. Just recently have we been able to look at the video we shot, before this the images were still too fresh in the minds eye. Watching it now we can’t believe that we were down in that canyon riding whitewater surrounded by a history as old as life itself.

For any other journey we have taken in the past years there would be an accompanying blog entry and there may yet be one posted here but for now all of my efforts go into simply finishing the story – in which by the way I am currently at the end of day 9 and have passed 35,000 words. Over time I’ll be posting tidbits and moments up here but first, I have a whole lot of work left in front of me just to finish telling the story.

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  1. Great picture, the rapids look amazing and exciting here.

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