Apr 092011

Turbulent water on the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon

A brief one paragraph excerpt from my forthcoming book titled Stay In The Magic about an extraordinary experience in the Grand Canyon on an 18 day rafting trip:

Did you truly see what was there, did you hear what wasn’t, will you carry nothing of everything that was, or everything of what might have been? If it doesn’t fit in your eyes let it enter through your ears, and when your ears can hear no more, it is time to take a deep breath, with lungs full, open your mouth and taste the experience, with the flavor of life passing over your lips some will surely spill away, grab for it and stuff what you can in your pockets, and as you become weighted down and laden with this wealth, allow it to enter your mind until it too is satiated. Upon overwhelming your thoughts, the imagination will become impregnated leading to a birth of awareness in your heart that your soul will nourish, leaving you the recipient of the magic of life.

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