Apr 102011

Caroline Wise and Werner Herzog in Tempe, Arizona with Cormac McCarthy in the background following a talk by Stephen Hawking

What a day. Tonight Caroline and I went to a performance of Gustav Holst’s The Planets with narration by Professor Lawrence Krauss, but the big draw was a talk following the symphony by Professor Stephen Hawking titled My Brief History. As we were walking out we spotted Werner Herzog, whose latest film Cave of Forgotten Dreams we will be watching tomorrow at Tempe Center for the Arts. After this Arizona Premiere he will be giving a talk about the movie. Behind Mr. Herzog and Caroline is Cormac McCarthy, author of All The Pretty Horses and No Country for Old Men. What a truly amazing day.

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  1. Oh man. Great Photo… Do you have any of Cormac and Herzog together… That would be SOME photo!!!!

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