Nov 192008

I am done in Santa Barbara. My uncle Woody has been cleared by his surgeon to return to a normal life, for all what that means to an 84 year old man. For the better part of two and a half months I have lived away from Caroline, home, Arizona. I have been frustrated, elated, and overwhelmed – daily. My schedule was not an option, more often than not compromise goes one-way here. This though is not a complaint. I find thanks and reward in having learned a little something about patience, caring, and sharing.

My return home happened a week ago but I have needed this quiet, down, me, time to unwind and spend many a moment with my wife. The most important lesson came when my uncle was in the nursing center for his rehabilitation: loneliness is likely a more dire predicament than any illness or physical pain. Family neglect of a loved one and abandonment are the springboards into despair and loss of hope. Without real love and care, the spark of life quickly withers and the corruption of age ravages the spirit and body to disregard what time may have been left here on earth. I wonder how few of us will learn this lesson while we can gain from it at an early age. Why are we so arrogant to refer to ourselves as a society when our aims for living and social conduct neglect teaching one another the necessity of compassion beyond our immediate family. There are selfless people all around us, nurses, teachers, volunteers, and many others, but they are unseen until our own needs expose their generosity to our naive fortress of me, myself, and I.

The lesson of love and tolerance should be taught as though it were math or science, but then, if we were a compassionate people, war would be all the more difficult, retribution neutered, hate and intolerance might be seen as archaic instead of brands of temporary awareness we sell people who are looking to buy an action to purpose before the next distraction is imposed upon their narrow focus of consumption.

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Jan 092008

New Years eve saw Caroline and I starting the Master Cleanse Fast. Our goal was a very simple one, try it for one day. Well, the first day was so easy it seemed to be a fluke, so a second day was in order. Having never missed a meal in 44 years, besides the occasional late lunch or dinner, which was made up for by snacking, the idea of not eating went hand in hand with the idea that I would be in pain, have headaches, be miserable, get sick. None of that happened. The fasting was so easy those first two days that we had to challenge ourselves to a third figuring that at some point we would be overwhelmed with hunger and then stop. And so it went, until the sixth day, when a second bout of grumpiness convinced us that the following day, the seventh day, should be the end of our one-day fast. Of course, anyone familiar with the Master Cleanse knows that the first day after the end of the fast is not really the end yet. On Monday, January 7th, we only drank orange juice. On Tuesday we started with OJ, but were allowed vegetable broth for the rest of the day. I cheated at dinner and had four or five spoons of the veggies before guilt had me returning to the plain broth. Today we returned to “normal” eating starting with soft boiled eggs for breakfast, veggie soup for lunch and for dinner we deviated from the program to split a green corn tamale plate at a local restaurant.

The fast was not undertaken to lose weight, I wanted to convince myself that I could do without food. This aspect of the fast worked, I now know I will not die missing a meal, nor will I fall sick. The second goal was to work towards portion control, if I can miss meals, then smaller meals should work fine to satisfy me, time will tell if this works out. Over the seven days I lost approximately 20 pounds, Caroline lost about 6. Her clothes fit better and old clothes can be worn again, but I’m still too fat. Yet, I do look forward to doing this again, and if 10 pounds return but the other 10 stay away, then doing this a few more times this year to drop a total of 30 pounds would be a welcome accomplishment in my world.

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Apr 222007

Try as I may, I could not keep up with my site. This bronchitis intrusion laid waste to my best efforts. No flu, no cold, no allergy, or hangover has ever taken so much from me. As I write this I am still under the weather hoping this clears before our next scheduled vacation in early May.

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Feb 282007

Unfortunately I have a two week gap here where photos should otherwise be. After my mother-in-law returned to Germany it was time to shake off the visitor, return to privacy, do some spring cleaning, catch up on mail and make new plans. Photos were the last thing on my mind, the creativity was sapped. Slowly I return to normal and guilt takes its place in motivating me to either post new material or do something else with my website. The worst thing about not posting new materials is not that I an lacking said creativity, heck no, it is that NO ONE COMPLAINS. Yep, that is my ego speaking, sure I would like to know that one or two people want new photos, even if I tell myself I am doing this for me.

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Feb 252006

During the past few weeks my site has seen visitors from Singapore, Bangkok, New Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad, Cape Town, and Hanoi, Vietnam. Lesser known places where visitors have come from include Esfahan, Iran, and Arusha in Tanzania, along with Boliden, Sweden, Kapasigan in the Phillipines, and Rabat, Morocco. Other visitors came in from Perth, Adelaide, and Sunshine, Australia, along with someone from Haifa, Isreal and Santiago, Chile.

I love looking at the logs and seeing people stumbling upon my Photo of the Day blog, where they might get a look at some of the details of a couple of people living in Phoenix, Arizona. I only wish there were many other people out on the globe doing the same type of Photo of the Day blog for the communities they come from. What is daily life like in Sunshine, Australia, or Esfahan, Iran. Where do people go for dinner in Arusha, Tanzania. Any good movies been shown recently in Hanoi? How was the drive to work for people in Johor Bahru, Malaysia – another one of my visitors came from there.

Do me a favor, if you have stopped by my site, maybe you were looking for something else, but here you are, tell me something about yourself and the place you are from. Take a second to look at some of my photos, or click on travels on the right and take a look where my wife and I travel to and tell me of somewhere near where you live that would be a great place to visit or give me a recipe of one of your favorite dishes popular in your town.

If you’d like to start a website like this one, maybe we can help you out.

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