Jul 062011

Solitude by Joe Fenton, signed copy #2 of 100 now rests on our wall

The print on the wall behind Caroline is titled, Solitude, it is from artist Joe Fenton. A couple of weeks prior on a Saturday afternoon, an email from Joe popped into my mailbox. He was notifying everyone who joined his mailing list that his webshop was now open and that Solitude was one of the first prints that was available. I ordered within 10 minutes of his email arriving and for my speed, we had signed print number 2 of 100 sent to us.

This has been the year that Caroline and I have purchased more art than in the previous 10 combined. My apologies for the reflection, the folks who framed Solitude tried talking us into using museum grade glass, but if you have ever priced a large 60" x 31" custom frame with non-reflective museum glass, you’d know that the costs can be heavy. If you ever want to see a tiny corner inside the heads of Caroline and I, look at Solitude and you will see part of what makes us fall into delight.

Oct 012010

Artist Dion Terry holding his most recent work, Pillow Talking The Devil - photo taken in San Diego, California on October 1, 2010

Sitting in San Diego, California with his newest work "Pillow Talking The Devil", is Navajo artist Dion Terry. His newest work is also now my newest acquisition since when I saw his snapshot of the completed canvas posted up on Facebook I gave him a call telling him it was sold – to me. Four days later I got in the car to drive the five and a half hours from Phoenix to San Diego. Over the early afternoon today, Dion, Tassia, and I shared lunch at the beach, visited a hidden garden, and exchanged cash for art.

My interpretation of Dion’s "Pillow Talking The Devil" is that he has painted a self portrait of sorts, a powerful and inspired portrait that for years to come I believe will prove to be one of his greatest works. The raven is Dion attached to the worn doll body marked with moments from his past, graffitied and tattooed – elements of his past. Overhead is a halo of innocence which I regard as his questioning of nature and trying to deal with the subject at hand with honesty. And what is at hand and in hand is the snake, also known as the devil. In the Navajo belief system, the snake is inherently evil, it is the devil. But the snake is not only in hand confronting Dion it is also a yoke around his neck, it is his beliefs that are maybe a burden too which he tries to confront. This confrontation is made all the more personal in that his chest is open, his heart exposed as if to suggest that, "I challenge you to prove you are more than a chimera, I think it might be that you simply enslave me with fear and if I am to truly know myself and my heart, I must ascend and throw off this yoke of mythological superstition while I attend to exploring the heavens through my art – but first, I must pillow talk this devil before me, I must overcome".

Regardless of what its true meaning may ultimately be, I feel that Dion is on a path of creativity that is uniquely his and is on the cusp of breaking through the art world’s exclusive fortress.

Jan 032008

Advertisement for old German clothing line and record store for techno music

One of our early careers was as graphic designers and wanna be artists. We did ok, creating the first commercially 3D rendered record cover in Europe (before that, 3D tools were primarily in the hands of large companies and universities). Our first record cover was for Casper Pound and his project The Hypnotist – the record entered the German charts! Initially we worked on the Commodore Amiga with 32MB Ram and a 40GB harddrive – huge for the day. Our first 3D rendering and animation software was a product called Imagine. An acquaintance gave us an early beta of Windows 3.0 and we dumped the Amiga and grabbed Photostyler, which was eventially bought and disappeared by Adobe. Did alot of work in Corel Draw. The ultimate was when we scored a free copy of 3D Studio from Autodesk while attending Cebit in Hannover, Germany – we’ll never forget your kindness, Bob Bennet.

Jan 022008

3D Pig

Third day on the fast, so far so good. The salt water flush is no more fun today than the first day – yuck. I’m still not back in the mood for photography. I have actually been working intensively on menu planning and organizing my recipes. If I can’t eat food, I might as well think about it all the time. The image of the pig was created by Caroline in 3D Studio back in the early 90’s.

Jan 012008


Happy New Year. Today’s image is from a record / CD cover Caroline and I created 15 years ago for a record called Dreamfish. Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris collaborated on this recording that was originally released on FAX Records and briefly features Terence McKenna. And for any of my visitors who probably never figured out why my site’s title says, Dreams, Moments, Travel – the clue is Terence McKenna. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.