Jul 102013


Yeah it’s about time I post again, but like the title says, “Old Dog, Meet New Tricks.” I’m slowly learning how to model using Blender. It has been 19 years since I did anything with 3D Studio so the skills are so rusted over that they really don’t exist anymore. At freaking 50 years old I’m diving back into the deep end: the tools ain’t what they used to be. Things have gotten far more sophisticated, meaning difficult. What you are looking at started as a simple cube that I have applied an “inset” to, a subdivide surfaces action, dissolved vertices, converted selected vertices to a curve, turned ngons into quads using the knife tool, created a loop cut, extruded an edge loop, and scaled selected geometry. Getting familiar with the tools and the myriad shortcuts so I can move about and do what I want is no easy feat, but I will persist because I have big ideas that require big work and lot’s of skills; mad skills. Cue the laughter of evil scientist.