Jul 042017

Piano Keyboard

Today is the first time in my life that I played piano, of course saying I played piano is relative to the fact that I’m just coming to grips with the idea of where the notes are. Regardless of how poor of ability I am, I still was able to identify the keys, play the chords and strike the notes for a tune nearly anyone could recognize. Whole notes, half and quarter notes, measures, bars, tempo, keys, chords, these are my Lego’s that I’m trying to fit together.

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Feb 062013


The world is not silent, even in silence, and so a soundtrack is in order. I’ve chosen three tools to help me accomplish the making of a soundtrack; AudioGL (pictured) – this is a 3D synthesizer that will soon be emerging from its Beta state. Also being employed is Ableton, a digital audio workstation, and finally Adobe’s Audition where I’ll be able to mix, denoise, and perform other post production work as I assemble the audio component that will accompany my grand scheme. The link below is my first attempt at creating an audible atmosphere.


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