Sep 242017

Iberi at The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona

For the first time in what feels like a long while we made it over to the Musical Instrument Museum for a live performance. Tonight we were enchanted to be able to take in the Georgian folk choir “Iberi.” Taking us back in time and across the geography of Georgia which lies between Russia to the north and its southern neighbors Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The ensemble put on a solid performance though we would have loved just a bit more dancing, that guy on the far left definitely has some skills.

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Jul 042017

Piano Keyboard

Today is the first time in my life that I played piano, of course saying I played piano is relative to the fact that I’m just coming to grips with the idea of where the notes are. Regardless of how poor of ability I am, I still was able to identify the keys, play the chords and strike the notes for a tune nearly anyone could recognize. Whole notes, half and quarter notes, measures, bars, tempo, keys, chords, these are my Lego’s that I’m trying to fit together.

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Feb 062013


The world is not silent, even in silence, and so a soundtrack is in order. I’ve chosen three tools to help me accomplish the making of a soundtrack; AudioGL (pictured) – this is a 3D synthesizer that will soon be emerging from its Beta state. Also being employed is Ableton, a digital audio workstation, and finally Adobe’s Audition where I’ll be able to mix, denoise, and perform other post production work as I assemble the audio component that will accompany my grand scheme. The link below is my first attempt at creating an audible atmosphere.


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