Oct 072011

The New York City off in the distance

Travel, travel, travel. The meeting Caroline and the rest of the crew attended was outside of New York City proper, with that comes a lot of travel. Sooner or later though it is time to head back to the airport, today is one of those days that Caroline will mostly be on the go.

Entering a tunnel in New York City

Not all the views are vistas, but still they intrigue Caroline. Entering a tunnel on the way to the airport.

Broken toilet seat at the Newark airport

What does someone do to break off so cleanly the front left part of the toilet seat? Did they detonate butt-charges that created a pressure underneath their sealed movement that released its volume of gas through a weakness in the structure of the plastic? Maybe the person was feeling like practicing some karate moves in the bathroom and upon putting the seat up gave it a swift kick Bruce Lee style? This is the women’s bathroom after all, just what are these mad bitches doing in here?

Oct 062011

View from the Doubletree Hilton in New York City

This is another view from the Doubletree Hilton in New York City and one that Caroline took in this morning on her way to her first meeting of the day.

A sign from inside the Doubletree Hilton on Times Square in New York City

My wife has something for signs, especially ones with stick figures. Skipping two steps with each stride with fire hot on the heels of the escapee must have been the humor in this one that had her snapping it. We won’t talk much this day as she must have been quite busy, though there is always time to say goodnight before the day ends.

Oct 052011

The view from Caroline Wise's hotel in New York City

Caroline had to fly out today for a business meeting in the New York area. She was traveling with coworkers Mike (owner of the company) and Ashley. After arriving they checked into their hotel, the Doubletree Hilton on Times Square. This is her view.

Caroline Wise fascinated by the sink at the Doubletree Hilton on Times Square in New York City

Fascinated by the sink.

Caroline Wise's work setup while on a business trip in New York City at the Doubletree Hilton on Times Square

The reminder of where my wife sat while she was chatting with me back in Arizona. Caroline will be gone two more days and as business trips are, there is little to no room for sightseeing. That’s not to say there won’t be fun, she is travelling with Mike who has a penchant for enjoying the nicer places; look out trendy bars and great restaurants.

May 242007

On the Canadian U.S. border with various signs of what you can and can't do in New York

Rambling along old backroads we are leaving the Trout River-Westville Rd and turning south on State Route 30 at the Canadian and United States border in New York. Across the border is Godmanchester and in front of us is Constable. On the radio we mostly find French broadcasters and a great diversity of programming – not like what we have heard further south. Not many people are living up here. There are a few farms but not much else besides the country side and plenty of signs.

May 232007

A small shallow stream flowing over reddish bedrock into the St. Lawrence Seaway in upstate New York

Driving along looking at the fruit trees in bloom, recently plowed fields, an occasional glimpse of the St. Lawrence Seaway on our left, Caroline and I are attuned with senses on high alert looking for spots that makes us say ‘wow’. This small streambed with barely an inch of water running over clean bedrock was just one of the moments. On this afternoon we were traveling northeast on New York Route 12 to its terminus in Morristown, NY, before getting on NY 37. As usual, we passed over the stream and, recognizing the beauty of the location, had to turn around, park the car, and walk out over the bridge to take the shot. If I had a wish, it would be that we were biking this road. It is quiet out here, the occasional scent of flowers and sweet grasses are just dreamy, its hard to imagine the harshness of winter that just passed through before us.