Feb 012008

Jutta Engelhardt with Woody and Annie Burns in Santa Barbara, California

This is the main reason for going to Santa Barbara, to visit my uncle Woody and Aunt Ann. Jutta first met them about four years ago and ever since has enjoyed visiting Santa Barbara and getting to know my aunt and uncle a little more. Before she returns to Germany in April, we will go back at least once more for another long weekend binge of eating too much pizza, cookies, cake, drinking wine, and shopping at Costco.

Jan 292008

Caroline Wise and Jutta Engelhardt in Santa Barbara, California

It doesn’t take long after Jutta comes to visit from the old country before we are dragging her off to other far away places. Today’s place isn’t all that far away though: Santa Barbara, California was our destination. Primarily we will visit with family but on occasion we must make a pilgrimage to the ocean to dunk a toe in the sea during the fierce winter storm front that bombards the West every January – har har.

Dec 222007

Woody Burns

Caroline and I have gone to Santa Barbara, California for a few days to visit with family over the Christmas holiday. My aunt and uncle’s backyard has been thoroughly renovated and is now a charming place to sit back in the sun and watch the birds at the new bird feeder and their bird bath. Behind my uncle are two orange trees and a lemon tree. This being winter on the coast the skies are bright blue, the air crisp, even clean from recent high winds. Originally the plans were to stay a few days in Santa Barbara and then meander up the coast but we decided to return to Arizona early and spend a week at home, take in some movies and catch up on some quality time together.

Apr 042007

Daniel, Boyd, John Wise, and Woody Burns on my 44th Birthday

Today, the 4th day of the 4th month I turned 44. This celebratory photo was taken a week before in Santa Barbara, California where very much to my surprise, this cake along with a rendition of the Birthday song was all of a sudden in front of my face. I needed a few moments before I realized this was in my honor. Keeping Caroline out of the loop helped as she looked as surprised as I did. My cousin Nancy, aunt Jean, Daniel, Theresa, aunt Ann, uncle Woody, and good old Boyd were all present and made for the best surprise party I have ever had.