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Floating in the afternoon light on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

From Amazon: Really big adventures usually start in really small ways, for author John Wise, it likely started at age 5. It was back then, during a stop in the Painted Desert on a across-country trip, that a love of travel and exploration all began. On that day, his family got out of the car, not believing how incredible the desert looked. Could it be that the enthusiasm demonstrated by adults before a child is the spark that ignites the curiosity in a young imagination? Forty-two years later, the eyes of that boy set their sights onto the Colorado River and all of the magic, imagination, and curiosity came racing right back into the mind of the child, who was now a man, about to re-experience a kind of excitement nearly lost over time. This book is a reminder to not let go of the truly important things in life; love, a sense of adventure, our freedom, and our knowledge that we have the potential to create a present and a future that exceeds our wildest dreams. As you sit around the campfire of life exploring its bigger stories: Always remember to stay in the magic of a wonderful life, never stop following the trails of your imagination, and strive to find the journeys that will bring you and your loved ones into the beauty of it all.

After two years of soul searching hard work, I am happy to announce the availability of my first book: Stay In The Magic – A Voyage Into The Beauty Of The Grand Canyon. Starting in October 2010, Caroline and I embarked on an 18-day rafting trip down the Colorado River, following that journey into the amazing, I started to write a blog entry. Well, that blog entry never came about, it was getting far too long to post here. Instead, it became this book.

Stay In The Magic is printed in full color with over 300 photos I shot during those 18 days on the river, it is 8.5″x11″ in size and 306 pages long.

The book is available at Amazon by clicking this link:

You may also order it directly from me for $29.95 plus shipping – a 25% savings! Just click the Buy Now button:

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  1. Just another day sitting on the front porch and looking at your pictures from your Blog. Sweet, sweet memories and already wanting to be 100% healed and signing onto another trip. Going well so far and will know a little more after Thursday. Now it is back to dreaming. Thank you for you and Caroline’s gift of talent and friendship.


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