May 292007

A small trail passing Dice Head Lighthouse in Castine, Maine

A small trail near the end of a road passes the Dice Head Lighthouse in Castine, Maine leading to the Atlantic. We have no idea what a winter day is really like back here on the east coast, as far as our experiences go, everyday is just perfect in Maine. Castine is the epitomy of a beautiful if not perfect small seaside community. The population is tiny and gets even smaller as the local Maine Maritime Academy sees many of its students depart for eastern Europe in early May aboard the training ship, State of Maine.

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May 282007

Small winding road on a sunny east coast morning

The roads we travel are small, and if we are lucky, they are really small. No center line and we are in heaven. If only roads like this allowed us to travel nationwide. The Natchez Trace and Blue Ridge Parkway come close to this idyllic wish. You should be so lucky to take the leisurely cruise these byways offer. As for this road, it was somewhere in Maine.

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May 272007

A foggy harbor on Beals Island, Maine

It was late in the day when we left West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. A small road called Boot Cove Road wound along the Atlantic with nary another soul on the road making this foggy drive all the more mysterious. Near Machias we turned towards the Atlantic travelling down Mason Bay Road where in Jonesport we decided to explore what lies on the other side of the bridge on Beals Island. The island is shrouded in mystery as dense fog obscures our view and begs us to try figure out where we are and what is happening deep in the mysterious mist. In the bay a tiny floating dock appears to be an outhouse, but what would an outhouse be doing floating about the bay? This demands our return on a later date under better weather circumstances so we might solve what this toilet of mystery might really be.

May 262007

Low's Bridge. A rustic covered bridge near Guilford, Maine. One of nine remaining covered bridges in Maine.

Rural Maine. This is Low’s Bridge near Guilford. At one time there were about 120 covered bridges in Maine, today this is one of the last nine still in existence, only five of which are open to traffic. The original bridge built in 1857 was lost during a flood in 1987 but was rebuilt in 1990. If you look closely at the photo you can tell where the foundation of the old bridge was raised to avoid another wash-out. When you see how beautifuly these bridges compliment the surroundings it is truly a shame that of the original 120, so few would remain standing.

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May 252007

Edge of a small town in Maine crossing over a dam with a reflective lake as calm as could be

This is the first panorama of the trip that was worth putting together. Once again, thank you to Matthew Brown for Autostitch that makes putting these together so easy and cheaply – the software is free. We were in Maine this day starting from Rangeley Lake early in the morning and found this lake on our way to Madawaska on the Canadian border, the furthest northeast town in the United States. This photo of the day is comprised of 6 individual (8mp) 2304×3456 pixel images creating one large (25mp) 6569×3748 pixel image. Click the above image to see a larger view.

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